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Evaluation for

Expository Paper










When completing your expository paper, you will be evaluated in the following five areas. If you want to receive all 100 points, you need to follow the instructions carefully and do your best. I will not

except anything less than your best. You can do it and have a GREAT time!


    Your Expository Paper Grading Rubric         

















                                                   Total Points Possible     100












Questions to Think About


1)  Read the book Alexander and the

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and complete a Narrative

Elements map.

*  Did you read the correct book?

*  Did you understand the book?

*  Did you complete a Narrative Elements

    map and include the Main Idea?


15 points

2)        Create a Venn Diagram comparing

and contrasting your bad day to


*  Did you go to the Inspiration website to

    create your Venn Diagram?

*  Did you understand your Venn Diagram?

15 points

3)  Plan your paper using the plan we practice in class.

*  Did you use the correct plan?

*  Did you use your Transition Word List?

20 points

4)  Write your expository paper about why you had a bad day.

*  Did you include Million Dollar Words?

*  Did you use similes?

*  Did you think about the 6 writing traits?

45 points

5)  Have fun and do your best! :)

*  Did you have fun and do your best?


5 points